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Alpina Vina is a new transnational guide to the wine regions in the Alpine arc - a hidden treasure at the heart of Europe. These Alpine wine regions are less familiar to many wine lovers and home to indigenous grape varieties rarely found elsewhere. We want to make these stunningly beautiful regions and their remarkable wines more accessible. Together with this site we are creating a range of guidebooks and short films including detailed maps, key facts and figures, recommended producers and wines as well as travel tips.


Explore the French, Swiss and Italian vineyards in the foothills of the age-old Alpine mountain range, source of the principal waterways of Europe on which many great wine regions depend.


Learn more about high-altitude Alpine vineyards clinging to steep slopes, diverse and distinctive terroirs shaped by powerful mountain forces and unique grapes native to the Alps.
Producers and wines


Discover remarkable producers who thrive in the extreme Alpine climate and craft world-class wines that are perfect expressions of heroic mountain viticulture.

Alpine Wines - Documentaries

This is the teaser, the full version of the films can be rented on Vimeo OTT HP's documentaries for 7 days, for just 5$

Alpine vineyards map