Chablais (Vaud)

Chablais (Vaud), the western gateway to the Alps

The Chablais AOC vineyard is located at the bottom of the Vaudois Alps, and with more than 590 hectares of land, it makes up approximately 15% of the entire Vaudois vineyard. As opposed to other vineyards in the area, Chablais benefits from a distinct microclimate that makes its white wines mineral and its reds full of character. Chasselas grapes are the most plentiful in the AOC region, as they best reflect the terroir. Other whites and reds, such as Pinot Noir, Gamay, Garanoir, Gamaret, and Merlot also play an important role when creating this special blend. The hot and dry climate paired with the limestone soils composed of alluvium, moraine, or even gypsum provide structure and minerality to the wines.

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Chablais (Vaud) Information

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Key info

Area590 ha

Distribution74% white, 26% red

ClimateMild climate, fairly dry

SoilsLimestone-rich alluvial and moraine soil, which can also contain gypsum

CultivationTerraces and walled parcels

Chablais (Vaud) Grapes

Grapes (white) Area Share of region
Chasselas - indigenous

Grapes (red)                      Area Share of region
Pinot Noir




Our selection of Chablais producers

In no particular order, we have selected for you the following wineries for the quality of their wines and/or their hospitality.

Estate Address Website

Les Rennauds, 1853 Yvorne (VD)

MAISON BLANCHE Château Maison Blanche 3, 1853 Yvorne (VD)

HENRI BADOUX Route d'Ollon 8, 1860 Aigle (VD)